5 House Moving Mistakes to Avoid

House moving is known to be strenuous task. It entails a lot of effort and hard work. But despite all the effort one puts in, if you lack the professional touch, things are sure to go haywire. Therefore, every phase of house moving – right from planning to packing and moving is demanding in its own way.

But here are 5 common mistakes which when avoided improve your chances of experiencing a seamless move.

• Packing everything together – People who lack the packing skills are bound to dump everything in one carton. Be it books, clothes, toys; everything one lays his/her hands on goes into the box. Unfortunately, this should not be the way. Pack things according to their category and label each box carefully.

• Packing without planning – Imagine packing all your kitchen utilities and thinking about how to cook your dinner tonight. Ideally things that feature low on the everyday-use-list should be packed before packing everyday utilities. Slowly but surely get onto packing everyday utilities. But do not forget to label each box clearly.

• Not discarding redundant stuff – Moving is the best time to do away with items that you do not use. But some people get sentimental over discarding such belongings and spend time, money and effort to pack and move redundant stuff.

• Overloading the boxes – Every carton is designed to carry ‘n’ kg of weight. The features are clearly mentioned on the carton. But novice packers usually overlook this advice and over pack and overload boxes. This makes it difficult to pick and move boxes, resulting in unintentional drops and damaged belongings.

• Not packing right – Every household belonging that has to be moved has its own set of packing and moving instructions. For instance, fragile items, furniture pieces, kitchen utilities, etc. Packing everything on similar grounds will not provide the required cushioning during transit.

Although packing and moving appears easy and doable, in reality it’s not. The novice approach is bound to result in huge losses. Professional house removalists in Melbourne are skilled and trained to take up the job with competence. Whether you are looking for furniture removalists in Melbourne or expert house removalists, Cheap House Movers are your partners in moving. Call us at 1300138259 for a range of customized deals and services.

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