Best Tips For Packing and Moving Fragile Furniture Items!

A moving day could be an exciting, exhausting, and stressful experience for anyone. But it may also bring in few surprises that nobody wants to experience during a move due to damage or loss of delicate furniture items. Unlike outdoor sturdy patio furniture items, various delicate antiques, arts, fine woods and items cannot be loaded directly onto a van or truck, instead, they need special care and planning to move into a new house in good condition. Better not to initiate the packing process on your own without any professional expertise. Instead, you can take a smart move to ask for the professional help of a reliable packers and movers company in Adelaide like Cheap House Movers. They do proper planning and utilize the right tools to avoid damage or loss of delicate moving items.


To make the process of packing and moving of your fragile furniture items more convenient and stress-free, here, we are sharing some easy tips for you for a safe move:

Plan beforehand: It is always better to do your planning for packing up fragile valuables like porcelain, crystals, and other breakables beforehand just to avoid the final day moving rush. Begin your packing job well in advance and take sufficient time to properly pack all delicate furniture items.

Utilize the right tools: Use superior quality packing boxes and supplies including packing paper, pliable cardboard, bubble wrap, scissors, and tapes. Also, take help of a large table to facilitate packing work.

Packing tips for few important fragile items:

Crockery Items: Delicate crockery plates should be packed and place vertically in small boxes lined with paper packing. Each plate should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and properly secure it with adhesive tape. Secure the standing plates to place paper packing in between. Avoid over packing the box. Similarly, wrap each glass with packing paper and secure each of them by placing the crumpled paper inside to fill the empty space. Use ample packing paper to fill remaining empty space inside small or medium boxes. Always keep the largest and heaviest items on the bottom, with smaller and lighter items on the top.

Tubes or Lamps: Dismantle lamp shades or tubes and then place each of them in a perfect size box with lots of paper. A base of the lamp should be placed in a box and use bubble wrap wherever required.

Other electrical goods:
First, dismantle any large electrical goods to avoid any risk of damage. Wrap cables, lead, remote controls and chargers, separately in a neatly labeled box to prevent their loss during the move.

Photo or Picture Frames: Wrap photo frames in paper and place them in a paper-lined packing box in the standing position if the length is more than 8 inches. Add crumpled paper in between each frame. Place extra packing paper on the top of frames to ensure frames don’t move around within the packing box.

Once all packing job is over, don’t forget labeling of each and every packing box to make sure your Movers company in Melbourne know which box contains what type of fragile items.

If you are not sure about your packing skill, do not hesitate to reach us for the best professional help at a cheap price. Cheap House Movers is one of the renowned furniture moving company having many years of professional expertise in packing and moving fragile furniture items safely without any hassles.

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