How to Prepare Furniture While Relocating

Furniture forms an important part of any household. Sofas, couches, beds, table- chairs and wardrobe; there’s indeed a lot to pack and move during a relocation. By preparing your furniture for the move, you don’t just protect and safeguard it against damages but also make furniture removal easy and convenient. Not to miss, prudent pre-preparation can make your move extremely cost effective!

Here are a few time-tested tips that will help you prepare your furniture for that perfect removal.

Take inventory – Know what you have to move. Depending upon your requirements, search for the services and finalize the deal with trusted house removalists in Perth.

Dismantle: If your furniture removalists in Perth are providing you full service assistance, the experts will take up the dismantling and disassembling part. Just check with them what can be prepared in advance. For instance, while the sofa and couch can be packed a day earlier, the beds need to be wrapped up on the day of the move.

Measure Doorways: For single piece items that cannot be taken apart, you may need to remove the doors. Hence, take measurements before the D-Day to cut chaos.

Get the Tools and Supplies Ready: Expert furniture removalists in Perth know their job right. They are equipped with the right tools and techniques to execute the removal seamlessly. To be on the safe side, show them your inventory prior to fixing the deal. The trained crew is also apt at packing the furniture deftly.

Keep the Parts Safely: Place the small parts like nuts and bolts in a small bag safely. If there are too many to be handled, number them. Also, do not mix and put the parts of different furniture pieces together.

Pack Removables separately: Pillows, cushions, etc.; pack the removable parts separately. Ensure that you cover the upholstery neatly and tightly, to avoid cuts and stains.

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