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Moving and relocating home or office is a daunting task. The extensive packing and moving entail a lot of time and effort. But the attempt can fail head-on if the effort is not applied meticulously and carefully. Besides the delays, breakages and financial loss, the injuries can be more enduring and damaging. Without a doubt, maximum injuries occur while moving heavy furniture and bulky boxes. And this is where the experience and expertise of professional furniture removalists Perth come into play.

Listed below are time-tested tips and tricks to lift furniture. The suggested methods are sure to make removal easy, hassle-free and safe.

  • Prepare Yourself: Don’t just move onto lifting heavy boxes. Start with smaller and lighter boxes and furniture pieces and slowly graduate to heavier ones. Before picking every item to prepare yourself and take a few deep breaths before you bend down.
  • Maintain a good posture: Maintaining a good posture all throughout the bending and lifting task is important. Ideally, one should bend down at knees and get up straight lifting the heavy item. Do not bend your back. Instead, keep it straight and hold your shoulders back firmly.
  • Push, don’t pull: If you need to drag heavy items to a specific point, it’s recommended to push and not pull the item. Pushing heavy items entails lesser force and thus puts lesser pressure on the muscles.
  • Hold them close to the body: Holding the heavy furniture just close to your torso and waist increases stability and strength. As the body and the belonging share the same center of gravity, lifting heavy items becomes easy.
  • Take Small Steps: When in control of heavier boxes, it’s advisable to move ahead by taking smaller strides. Keep them down at regular intervals and relax before you get down to move them again.
  • Use the requisite removal gear: Ramps, slides, gloves, knee pads and a steady back support; each item can make the shifting of heavy furniture simple and safe. Furniture movers Perth is equipped with the required removal gear and uses them in the most competent manner.

While following these simple steps can be helpful, it’s prudent to enlist the services of professional Furniture Movers Perth. The experts excel in packing and are skilled to lift and move them in the most effective manner. Get in touch with customized deals and affordable rates.



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