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Cheap House Movers is a professional moving company based in Australia specialized in moving or relocation of a large pool table. A pool table can weigh around 1000 pounds, and if you are performing a pool table relocation job on yourself without having proper skills and equipment then there are enough chances that cause serious injury or a ruined table. So, it always makes sense to hire professional services of POOL TABLES REMOVALS. Our qualified professional movers have years of expertise and to disassemble, relocate, and re-install pool tables of various makes and models, quickly and safely to a new destination. Most Pool Tables are built with layers of heavy slate panels along with special wool cloth and therefore, prone to irreparable damage. An expert pool table removal services from Cheap House Movers ensure the best rate on both local and long distance relocation of any pool/billiards table. So, if you really wish to enjoy your valuable pool table for years to come, just call and share your requirements and we will immediately get back to you with a free quote without any obligation. Right now, we are serving in and around all major cities and suburbs in Australia and will be happy to answer all your queries for your pool table removals.

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