Useful Tips For Moving Furniture

Furniture pieces are important items of any household. Ranging from small delicate things to big robust pieces like beds, couches, pool tables, etc; we slowly but surely collect a wide range to suit and fulfill our tastes and needs. Understandably, shifting them to new location is a daunting task. Whether it’s moving across the street or moving them interstate, it requires great effort, time and money to move each furniture piece deftly.

Removal Tips For Moving House With a Limited Budget

Scratches, dents and broken parts not just damage their visual appeal but can also make them redundant. So it is important that each piece is packed and moved by professional furniture movers in Adelaide. Cheap House Movers is one such trusted furniture removalists in Adelaide. Staffed with the best men in the industry and equipped with the finest tools and techniques, we offer the best furniture moving services in Adelaide.

Our services include:

  • Furniture Evaluation: Furniture moving is not just about pulling, pushing and dragging furniture. We take sufficient time to evaluate and assess the furniture carefully. Depending upon the style, size and material of the furniture piece we chalk out its moving schedule.
  • Removal Plan: During shifting, furniture pieces move through a pathway. In some cases there might only be one way to get the items out of the house, while in others there can be more than one path. We measure all doors enroute and draft the best way to get the furniture pieces out. If required, we disassemble and reassemble furniture pieces with ease and competence.
  • Covering Floors and Walls: Besides taking care of the furniture, we also make sure that the floor and walls too are protected from scratches and marks. We use protective layers, coverings and masking tapes to ensure that the floor and walls remain scratch free.
  • Use Ramps and Rails: At times, picking and moving heavy furniture is not the ideal way to move them. Thus, we use ramps and rails to slide and move the furniture pieces. We possess all the necessary equipment and removal gear to execute the moving job with ease.

At Cheap House Movers, we are trusted and dependable furniture removalists Adelaide. We excel in moving heavy furniture pieces. From packing, disassembling to reassembling; we provide end-to-end furniture moving services. We operate throughout Adelaide and also help you move to and from Adelaide. Call 1300138259 to know more about our customized services and affordable deals.

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